So things are kind of slow today. I took a break of doing the VPN thing on the firewalls and went and sat down on the couch to watch some TV. Well since our Satellite isn’t hooked up yet I’m watching on normal TV which means my selection of channels is really limited. Of course since I’m in Dallas I have like 20 off the air channels. But then again I’m in Dallas so the only thing I can receive with out looking like a blizzard has overcome what ever show I’m watching is the Mexican channel. Now don’t get me wrong those channels have by far the highest hot chick to normal chick ratio…. But letís face it, I don’t speak much Spanish. So the only thing I can even come close to getting a clear picture on is Jerry Springer. Now I knew I hated this show, but today I found that just hate doesn’t even come close to how I actually feel about this show. I found myself getting physically ill watching this show. I was forced to turn the channel after about two minutes just because my eyes just could not watch any more. This is why it is imperative that we get our satellite up and running…..