Geezzz…. I’ve been slackin a bit on the ole blog. You’d think with all the “free” time I have been having at work I’d write a little more. But no…. I guess I just haven’t feel much like writing. I have worked on the site alot. Nuthin you can really see but just the fact that you can’t tell means I did something right. I re-coded alot of it. It didn’t change the look but it did make it easier to maintain. Something alot of people don’t know is that there are actually two blogs. Kind of like the mobster having two sets of books. One you let everone see and the real ones. Blogs are kind of the same way. The censored version, so your 10 year old son can read it, and the “other one”. Well this week the “other one” went down. So I spent alot of time this week putting it back the way it was. It doesn’t have to be pretty cuz it’s only for my own mental well being anyway. So it’s Friday night and I have the taste of lime on my lips, and a little corna to go with it, so what do you think I’m doing….. Yup… You guessed it. After taking a little nap, I’m walking around the apartment complete doing a little war driving… ummmmm… urrrrrrr Walking, yeah war walking. That’s basicly walking around looking for wireless networks with a laptop and a wireless card. I found 4 here within about 100 yards of the apartment. Of those 2 are secure but the other 2 are wide open. Last week between home and work I found 19 of which 15 were open. And that was at 40 Mph. I can just imagin what I could find if I really looked. Scarry just to think of it. Anyway, I gotta cut some more limes and catch some TV. See ya……..