So I’m supposed to be working, but ya know, when the cats away the mice will play. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m need to go down to our Value Added facility that is closing on the 27th and do some inventory and move some things out. But then again… they are closing on the 27th so why the rush. After yesterday I worked about three days worth so I think today should be a comp day. Anyhoo…. I’m just doing some surfin trying to find some cool sites. No luck today. I’ve been researching stocks a bit this morning. After yesterday I think I’ll back off of the stocks for a while. Yesterday one of my stocks went from .38 cents to .14 cents in 3 mintues. That’s 63% of it’s total worth. You think when your are talking stocks under a dollar that it’s not alot of money but if you have thousands of shares it adds up quick. Well anyway I need to get…. I hear todays dilbert is pretty good, so I’ll go check that out.

P.S. Good luck Rachel on day 3 of your new job….