So this weekend I went and saw Rachel. I took off part of the day on Friday so I could leave as soon as Brandt got outta school. It was a really long drive. It’s a long enough drive anyway but when it takes you an hour and a have to get outta town that makes it… well an hour and a half longer. I should have known. There is a back way but it’s about 30-35 miles farther. I guess in this case it would have probably been quicker. In any case I made it up there. There wasn’t a lot I could do but lend moral support and be a friendly face to keep her company. We had some time to talk which I’ve really missed over the last year or so. Anyway I gave her a big ole hug and told her we are there for her. I spent some quality time with my other “son” Jarrett. That was nice. He was a very good little boy. I’m looking forward to hangin out with him again. Brandt, I think really needed this trip up there. He’s been pretty worried so this made him feel better to see that everybody was ok. Anyway, we had to come home Saturday because I had to work on Sunday. It went pretty smoothly so that kind of worries me. But so far this morning everything looks good. Well anyway…. I need to get.