So we went to the fair tonight. We meant to go early this afternoon, but I had some work coming in from the UK, so I had to take care of that first. So we got off late and then sat in traffic. It’s about a 30 minute drive that took damn near two hours. After we finally got parked and started in we found out the traffic was due to a Dixie Chicks concert there. Now I like the Dixie Chicks as much as anybody. But I wasn’t likeing them too much tonight. I had a pretty good time. It was alot of walking and we had a light rain most of the time, but other than that it wasn’t too bad. And yes the freaks were out in force. They weren’t as freaky as the freaks at the Delaware State Fair but they were still freaky. Tonight I also realized that fashion has evidently passed me by long, long ago. I think the thing I notice the most was some of the clothes these girls were wearing. They were wearing my most favorite colors, short and tight. I guess that’s the deal now a daze. Now I’m not complaining or anything but I know if I had a daughter I wouldn’t let her out of the house looking like that. She’d have to wear a long overcoat, a duster, or something to cover herself. Anyhoo…. It’s way past my bed time. I really need my beauty sleep.

Go Jeff!!