OK… Strictly hypothetical situation here alright. Let’s just say someone had been “NAGGING” you to go to the doctor for a very long time. Now you finally just wanted some peace in your world so you decide to go ahead and go. Knowing the guy is just a high priced witch doctor who behind the scenes is sticking pins in a doll that looks amazingly like yourself just so he has a little return business, you still go just to stop the insanity. Now let’s just say that the “doctor” finds something or maybe it just doesn’t go a pleasant as you would like, it’s OK to blame that person, right? I think they must be held responsible for anything that comes out of that appointment. After all with out all the “NAGGING” life would still be perfect. Now keep in mind that this is strictly hypothetical, buuuuuutt…… I’ll let you know tomorrow how the appointment goes.