So the other day I go to the doctor to get this contraption remove from my inner most recesses. This was a very uncomfortable experience that I wouldn’t wish on anybody. One thing you should know is I had a stint inside of me to hold things open in case I tried to pass another large kidney stone it would in theroy pass with much more ease than the first one. Now this stint has a string attached to it. This string is left so the stint can be remove at a later day by just pulling on the string. With this said you can only image where this string exits my body. Well the day before yesterday I go to have this thing remove and I’ll tell you now it was about time. This was a sickening feeling to have this thing inside of you moving everytime you moved and just generally making you feel really crappy. This really hot nurse comes in and ask me to hop up on the table, pull my drawers down to my ankles an then cover up with this thin little sheet. Like that really mattered. She left so I could prepare myself and I figured the next person I would see would be the doctor. No such luck, it was the hot nurse again. She promptly stripped by this thin little sheet and started giving instuctions on what she was going to do. She said “Take three slow deep breaths and when you are finished with that I’ll be done”, “Oh yeah, it’s going to burn just a little bit”. So about the time I’m hyperventalating I managed to blurt out, ” I thought you said this was going to burn a LITTLE”. I’ve never feel a burn like this before in my life. She proceeded to pull on this string and pull this stint out. It seemed to take like 5 minutes. I’m sure that’s because after the first couple of seconds I lost all feeling except for the continual burning. I couldn’t tell if she was done, or still going, of if she even existed at that point in time. When she finnaly said she was done I started breathing again. That’s about the time I realized she was a hot nurse again and I’m sitting there with my pants around my ankles. So next time you think you are having a bad day at least you can take heart and think, at least I don’t have a string coming outta my thang…… I’m feeling much better now.