Ya know I normally get up in the morning and check my blood sugar. Lately since I changed my medicine it’s not looking nearly as good as it once did but it’s still not bad. This means that I have to check it just about daily. Just to make sure. Well normally I poke myself, squeeze out some juice and test it. This will kind of tell you what kind of day I’m having. I poked myself, It hurt like usual, and normally I’ll have to squeeze just a bit to get enough blood to test with. Today, however, I squeezed and this thing shot out blood and hit me right in the eye. Icckk… It was like shooting a water gun. Luckily enough it was my blood and my eye. :ş Hopefully the day will turn around, after all it is Friday!

P.S. The webcam is down cuz I’m streaming audio right now. But the audio is flawless, at least with just one user on it… 🙂