If your seeing this entry then welcome to the new home of the journal. I’ve moved it from my local RedHat box up to my hosting service. I figured it was a good time to move the journal to mysql. I’ll be moving most of the web site up here in the coming weeks. This is for a couple of reasons. First of all, I’m paying for it I might as well use it. Secondly I’ll be making the move from RedHat to Suse since RedHat got a case the the MicroSoftizm up thier ass or something. An lastly, but probably the biggest reason is because I have such limited bandwidth at home on the dsl that this way would provide a much faster response on the site. The only thing that will be staying locally with me is the ftp site. That’s mostly due to space limitation on the hosting site. For some reason they don’t want to give me 20GB of space to host my “Stuff”. Anyway, let me know if this works better….