So Carol called the other day. Geez she’s got a lot of nerve. So she called my cell phone. I didn’t answer cuz I didn’t know what to say to her. I wanted to hear her message so I’d have a plan as to what to say. She left a message wanting to pick up her mail. Mind you she hasn’t lived here in over a year. I’d been throwing most everything that came away. I’d hold on to it for a month or so, but if you haven’t needed it for over a month then it needs to be thrown away. Then last night she has her son call. If you are having problems with me why would you put him in the middle of it all. I talked to him and was perfectly nice. I just think that’s pretty shitty haveing him call me like that. I’d never put Brandt in that position. Anyway, I guess that’s just how she is.