It is getting kind of late, but for those of you last-minute shoppers who might want to get me a gift or recommend another of getting me such a gift I have compiled a list for YOU. I don’t want much, but what I do want is nice… For one, I would like a Wacom pad (or a product of similar function)… For two, I would like an iPod (not a SHUFFLE) but I would preferrably want a Video, although if not, a Nano will do just about the same (any color is fine with me). By the way, I will be entering a contest soon, which will be over on the 15th, that will give first place a Video iPod and second place a Nano iPod… For three, I would absolutely enjoy having a PSP. That would be very cool… For four, I would like a XBox 360, although because of the them being so rare to find at a reasonable price, I would consider this gift a little out of the picture (but it sure would be nice).

Gatowag Tip of the Day: If you have two moniters, there might be the day where you will need to switch the moniters. Then you need to setup your displays correctly as to not be disorriented. Although some of you might run by an error… Once you change the moniters, you might have had one application opened on a moniter, but since you changed it, the app. goes to a screen that you can’t see anymore… This is easily fixed. You can go down to the task bar, right click on the tab that represents the app. Now look for the move option and click on that, your cursor will change it’s appearance and it will move to the far end of your moniter. Now just press one of the directional arrows and the application will automatically attach itself to your cursor. Now all you have to do is move the cursor to where ever you want the app to be placed at and click your mouse to let go of it. Problem solved!