So they finally have the tollway built right to my front door now. Before I had to drive to and from work via normal city streets. It didn’t cost me any money but it cost me about 45 to 50 minutes each way. Well now the toll way is finished and it has changed my life.

First of all the time. It now takes me less than 20 minutes to get to work. Not only that but I get there at 75 mph and on cruise control. Lets say that it’s this 20 minutes vs. our previous 50 minutes. That’s a 30 minute savings, EACH WAY. Multiply that out and that is a savings of 260 hours every year.

Now the money… It now cost me $1.70 each way in tolls. If you multiply that out you end up with $884 each year. That’s a lot of money to just drive to work. But is it worth $884 to save nearly 11 days worth of driving. I think so. That’s 11 days I can use sleeping, playing, loving, working, learning, or just doing something crazy like being with family. It’s worth it…