Late last night after the weather let up a bit I finally made the flight that last 8 miles from Erie to Boulder. It was interesting, the weather was not bad but I landed with the greatest crosswind I’ve ever landed with. It was scary but fun.

So today the plan was to fly from Boulder Muni to Eagle Co Regional(KEGE). I had some pretty serious icing on climb out. It cleared out just over FL150. I settled in just a bit over that. It’s a pretty short flight so it wasn’t too long after I was in the mountains I was looking to descend.

Decent was fun. You have to descend with the mountains so it always look like your close.  There was some pretty heavy fog on final but I broke out on short final and was able to make a very pretty loc ils landing. My glide slope was a little goofed with the mountains and not a full ils, but it wasn’t too bad. Nice airport. I’ll fly out either later tonight or tomorrow. Don’t know where I’m going just yet.