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How long does it take to transmit 29KB over a 1Gb network? Roughly .0002 of a sec if my math is correct. Someone check that for me.


Check this out… In OS X Leopard if you do a Command + I or “Get Info” on a windows server, or any microsoft product for that matter, check out what you get. Notice the blue screen of death.

OS X Info on M$

So I got this new laptop this past week. I got an Apple Macbook Pro 17″ 2.4GHz laptop. Let’s just say it’s just awesome. I pretty much haven’t touched my iMac since I got it. Yeah, it’s for work, but what does that really mean. Well it means I have The Sims2 and World of Warcraft on it. That’s what it means. 🙂 Anyway, here’s a quick peek at it…. 

Martin Sargent is greatness. Martin with Patrick Norton is totally freakin awesome. Well relatively speaking of course.

“Patrick Norton is my anti-drug”

Would someone please, please, PLEASE talk me out if buying a new imac? Why do I feel the need to do this? I dunno….

Episode 188, Patrick Norton’s last day on I’m sad to see him go, but I’m sure what ever he’s off to we’ll hear from him again.

Awesome Micro$oft Surface Parody video… I saw it on Kevin Roses blog.

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