I’m going to try an experiment for a few days on here… I’ve tried things like this in the past and have even migrated some of that info over but never have I really sat down and tried to actually do this. I’m going to from time to time document some of the problems, issues, and occurrences I have here at the office. I’ll attempt to show the symptoms, the cause, and the solution. Most people won’t be interested in this and I understand. This is more so I can document these issues and can call on my experiences of today in the future.

These entries will all be in the “Professional” category so you may ignore anything in this category if you’d like.


She better not be dead… That’s all I have to say. She’s half the reason I watched the show. I mean it’s a good show, but come on…  She’s Starbuck! She can’t die!

So you get in morning, your late, you push the boy outta his bed and haul him off to school. You finally make it work with all of 3 minutes to spare. As your walking into the building you realize that you’ve forgotten your sunglasses. Do you A: Turn around, drive home, get the shades and limp back in a hour and a half late? B: Whip out the spare rayban’s in the glove compartment and finish out the day with your ability to deal with the sun only at half power. C: go ahead into work and hope and pray that it stays rainy an cloudy all day. Or D: go ahead into work and don’t come out until it’s dark outside.

You are correct. Knowing my bain for the sun and my abilty to being lazy I chose D. I just had someone bring be lunch and I stay at work until about 7pm. All was good and I lived through my crisis.

Ok, I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is. Today, just a few minutes ago actually, I tested my blood sugar. It was 111. That is only 1 from being what is often considered normal levels. I started a new medication yesterday. I actually think I had a low yesterday. I didn’t have my test kit with me so I just had a candy bar and zing back up into the high levels I’m accustomed to. Today I monitored often. It was the best it’s ever looked, ever!

I just don’t get them…

Maybe I’m missing something, but they just don’t make sense.

Testriffic IQ test

Could it be… 

I actually have a ton of things to blog about work. I’m not going to for now. I don’t believe it’s safe just yet to talk about…

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