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So I’m sitting waiting for my truck to be inspected. I don’t expect it to go well. It’s been sitting for two years pretty much. I figured if I get it all fixed up Brandt could drive it once on a while. I’m pretty sure if the tires pass, they will just barely pass. That’s another $500. Anyway, I sit and i wait. Just me and my thoughts. This can’t be good!


So I’m getting ready to go play poker tonight. I’m looking at it like practice for next week on Vegas. Taking a couple of days vacation after I get back. I need a break. 🙂

You have to watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. It’s awesome. I know you’ve always wondered what it would be like if Neil Patrick Harris was a superhero. Now you know.


Just in case you were wondering, tonight I had Salmon, Brocolli, Mashed Potatos and Grape Kool-aid for dinner. And I know you were wondering….

Have ya gotten burned yet?

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This is between my son and myself.

Me: “I can’t believe you left and didn’t eat all the cookies.”

Brandt: “FACT: I was planning on eating them.”

Me: “QUESTION: Who would win in a fight, Me or an Oreo”

Brandt: “FACT: An Oreo”

Now you see how I rate with my son…

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